Thursday, February 23, 2012

So I know I said I would post more.....

Somehow this year I fell waaaaay behind but I have been taking a lot of pictures and process shots. I've been keeping up my website with more success than the blog so definitely check it out at

So let us begin the updates:

This week we had Trenton Doyle Hancock as the artist-in-residence at Globe Collection & Press. We worked on a poster for the BMA print fair and a fine art print which the profits from will benefit both the BMA and the Globe Collection & Press at MICA. I was in charge of coordinating interns and working first hand with the artist on the collaborations. Trenton said he had a great time working with us and I think he really took a liking to Bob Cicero, former owner of Globe Poster.

This was taken on the Monday, the second day of the three day collaboration, of our working wall. The color swatches are for the benefit print and the faces are all of Trenton.

Trenton was enamored with the fraction of the Globe Collection that is currently in the letterpress studio. He had a great time setting a palindrome with wood type; he used some of the rare typefaces that haven't even been proofed yet which means that the benefit print will show the variety of type that is in the Globe Collection. Trenton started to get a little overwhelmed during the typesetting, it was about 1130pm when he started working on it.

Bob gave Trenton life lessons while cleaning up the Vandercook 325g

This is a proof of the photopolymer plate that mysterious lines appeared on. We pulled the colors for the poster over the face to test the transparency.

Trenton quietly reviewing a Color Trial Proof while the rest of us stood around and offered opinions and options.

Trenton and Bob laughing about something, they definitely left an impression on each other (it was easy to forget that this was Bob's first time working collaboratively with a fine artist.) I don't think I took this picture but I'm glad it was on my camera because it's priceless.

Justin Caruso (Globe Intern,) Lyla Shlon (Globe Intern,) Trenton, Amy Cousins (Globe Intern,) and I (Globe Coordinator) We had to get all of our photo ops in on the last night. I'm sure it's apparent that we were all exhausted and proud of what we accomplished. We were all slap happy by Tuesday night.

Last supper with Trenton. Gail brought out some bubbly and we made a toast to a successful collaboration.

Now all we have to do is print two editions of 100 (not including tear, artist proofs, printer's proofs, and color trial proofs) before late April. nbd.